currents ✩ 10.02.24 ✩ bristol

i saw currents, being as an ocean, oceans ate alaska and sentinels in bristol! i have mixed feelings about the show, as there is quite a bit to say i will have a seperate paragraph about oceans ate alaska. Sentinels were absoloutley brilliant as were currents. this show was my fiirst listen to sentinels and i will probably go back and listen to them on my own accord as their live perfomance was pretty mega. i didn't stay for all of currents which was a shame but i literally was going to give. being as an ocean were also mega however due to the lead, Joel not being able to make it, their perfromance was differnt to what i had expected but still really great and my favourite act that night for sure, the cover was awesome and i got some sick baao merch :)

now oceans ate alaska.... i have seen oaa once before in 2022 when james was in the band (again lol) for the uninformed there has been a bit of controversy surrounding the band and their practices, i am not here to talk about that but to summarise, james left again and they have a new lead vocalist named joel (seperate to baao lol). so with that context of course im at the show and the new vocalist is there. they start the set with the song 'metamorph' which has quite deep, heavy uncleans at the beginning which joel performed pretty well but as soon as you reach anything less deep and with more rasp and higher pitches is where joel did not perform. now of course this is subjective but it really did not work and for me one of the things that make oaa is the wonderful range in vocals- cleans, heavys and different pitches. it just seemed like joel could only really do uncleans suited towards a deathcore genre rather than metalcore which is what oaa falls under. you could really notice a struggle in 'hansha' which just really sucked tbh... i do love oaa's music and i really hoped that joel would be able to live up to the legacy of james or even jake (both former vocalists) but it really just isn't the same. this shouldnt be taken as me shaming or berrating joel btw, he is very very talented and you can really see that in his other work (deathcore) but oaa is not the move imo, others in the crowd agreed too, but this is JUST AN OPINION and is SUBJECTIVE.
anyway here is the setlist for all 4 bands.


1. embers
2. to wither away
3. nomadic
4. glitch
5. albatross
6. inertia

oceans ate alaska

1. metamorph
2. paradigm
3. endless hollow
4. hansha
5. new dawn
6. nova
7. escapist

being as an ocean

1. little richie
2. death can wait
3. l'exquisite douleur
4. thorns
5. the fullness of my being
6. the hardest part is forgetting that those you swore you would never forget
7. flesh and bone
8. dissolve
9. this loneliness wont be the death of me


1. living in tragedy
2. vengeance
3. remember me
4. never there
5. a flag to wave
6. monsters
7. kill the ache
8. better days
9. into despair
10. apnea
11. withered
12. shattered
13. the death we seek
14. so alone
15. unfamiliar<


i dont actually have any images for this one, sorry guys but this page is long enough anyway x.x

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