don broco ✩ 13.12.23 ✩ manchester

this was my first time (and it wont be the last time!) seeing don broco!!! this show was mega, they had a meet up prior to the show at a local pub where i'd gotten photos with 3/4 of the boys! they also signed my birthday badge which did i mention it was my birthday that day!!! which was very fitting as it was their birthday party tour! i'll attatch some images below but first here is the setlist :)


1. gumshield
2. manchester super reds no.1 fan
3. uber
4. come out to la
5. fancy dress
6. pretty
7. superlove
8. one true prince
9. bruce willis
10. you wanna know
11. yeah man (acoustic)
12. revenge body
13. endorphins
14. birthday party
15. everybody
16. fingernails
17. t-shirt songs

the supports for the show were ocean grove and trash boat, i hadn't really listened to ocean grove prior but i have trash boat and i think both of their perfomances were pretty good! i was very happy when trash boat played 'he's so good'. i was so stoked when don broco played you wanna know, i'd looked at the setlist before and it'd looked like they wouldn't end up playing it but when they did i literally died x.x

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