suffocation ✩ 20.02.24✩ birmingham

not even gonna lie i was baked as hell during the whole show and i kinda had no idea what was going on but suffocation, sanguisugabogg and organectomy were fucking mega. enterprise earth sucked & the lead was also a massive pussyhole

i have literally no pictures or videos from the night LOL the only thing that can prove i was in birmingham not even the show is my ULEZ receiept LMAOOO also all the merch (other than enterprise earth) was sold out so that was kinda shit. here is the bogg setlist and if i ever find the other ones ill list them here xo


1. black market vasectomy
2. face ripped off
3. pissed
4. a lesson in savagery
5. permanently fucked
6. necrosexual deviant
7. dragged by a truck
8. dead as shit

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